Art & communication

At the heart of Birds lies promotion of global communication and understanding by artistic means.

The idea stands for
  • linking of selected sites around the world - a vital, global work of art,
  • international cooperation between artists and intellectuals and hence association of the project with people and their regions,
  • international meetings and exchanges of information on the Internet,
  • linking of typical regional materials with state-of-the-art technology, high-tech and solar energy,
  • the universal significance of bird mythology and its high acceptance in a wide range of countries and population groups.
So far we have
  • created the mother of the sunbirds in Cologne
  • reached agreement with the city of Ulan Bator on erection of a sunbird in Mongolia.

Contact: Projekt Birds c/o Ralph Quabeck – Hornstr. 85, 50823 Köln Tel. +49.(0)221.599020 Fax. +49.(0)221.5993963 e-mail: